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By Tini Howard and Kate Niemczyk! Featuring Moon Knight! Soon the hunger will be upon the devourer of worlds and dark forces are ready to take advantage of that! Can Doctor Strange set things right and if so at what cost? Contains issues Contains issues from Image Comics. Craig Russell.

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Together they are the original Young Justice team! Find out here as Brian Michael Bendis revives the beloved s group along with new characters! With Johnny Blaze unavailable, it will be up to Danny Ketch to ride out to her rescue! Catwoman may hold the answers to success, but will Batman listen? Keep your eye on this series because even more eyes will be on this soon! And Mister Freeze is about to fulfill his part of the bargain with Lex Luthor!

The Death of Superman

Who is Leviathan? The major spy and response networks of the DC Universe have all been neutralized including S. A dire situation that demands the attention of Frankenstein leads him to Gotham City where he will have to recruit an unlikely new team of familiar monsters! In order to escape cancellation limbo she is trying to do whatever outrageous thing she can to stay in the spotlight. Last issue she unmasked Spider-man and now she is trying to come between Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman!

Will that work or will she have to get even more creative next issue? Where is the Justice League? All Father Thor will have to stop him, no matter the cost. Questions you forgot were never answered explode back into the forefront in this special anniversary issue!

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The time stream is unexpectedly impacted and only Moon Knight is in a position to set things right in this match up no one has seen before! But there was no offer made to The Riddler. Was that an insulting oversight or all part of the larger plan? Can the Surfer prevent the spread of darkness across the universe?

Workman finds $100,000 first edition Superman comic book while renovating Minnesota home

By Donny Cates and Tradd Moore. Trees is set to be adapted to television soon! Two issues remain before the series conclusion! But who or what will be there? All eyes are on the revitalization of the X-men brand by Jonathan Hickman!

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First printing copies of all issues are available here at Acme Comics and at cover price! Atar Gull is a patient man and is on the path to revenge as long as it takes in this hardcover from the writer of The Death of Stalin and artist Bruno. Can he fight his way through the opponents in his mind to make sense of the events of the last sixty issues? Contains Batman and Written by Gail Simone. Contains issues and more. The land needs saving and the last Kinmundian along with his faithful Battlepug will heed the call once again!

Next month, the end! In this alternate dimension, many major heroes have fallen, but a small band of led by Mister Terrific tries their best to make a difference!

DCeased is a runaway hit and this is your chance to sample the chaos! For the full story see the Batwoman Elegy paperback this week! Batman and Rorschach must work together if there is to be any chance of survival! At the same time bizarre and sinister moments unfold. Is there a connection? Will anyone notice anything other than the great prices? Culbard for Dark Horse Comics! The FF enters unknown Marvel Universe territory in this exciting new storyline! Can Green Lantern and Star Sapphire escape death by power ring firing squad? Poison Ivy lives again, but will need help from Harley to make sense of what happened at the Sanctuary Facility.

Unfortunately, heroes and villains alike are on their trail! Look for the connecting variant edition covers by Artgerm! Plus, Jon Kent informs his mother of a fateful decision. By Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins. Written by Ethan Sacks. Erica Slaughter believes their stories and has come to destroy whatever stalks the shadows. Spawn is the longest running independently published comic book of all time! Todd McFarlane joins fan favorite Spawn artist Greg Capullo for this extra sized issue available in a variety of variant covers!

One a super hero and the other post-apocalyptic military commander. Something is hunting them all, so cooperation is key to their survival! Secrets will be revealed! Word of mouth continues to spread and we are ready with first printing copies! Since he cannot say for sure, he will need help from the likes of Zatanna and John Constantine to determine what is real.

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Williams III is the place to be! Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death one shot. Includes four vinyl records! Now Venom and Spider-man are on the run and may be powerless to stop the carnage that is about to hit the streets of NYC! Third printing Absolute Carnage 1 releases this week so be sure that you have the main series and any tie ins locked in on preorder with us! Written by Saladin Ahmed, writer of the regular monthly Miles Morales series!

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Plus, a major tie in relating to the Event Leviathan storyline! His goal is to corrupt the DC Universe and he has a massive head start! Available as two connecting covers that create one exciting image! Plus, see the origin of the Sunnydale Hellmouth! Can Captain America find out who has framed him while keeping a low profile?

How long will the two be able to stay on the same page? Can Doctor Strange stop it before it takes hold? Are you ready for the upcoming Amazing Mary Jane series? Joe comics, this is the place to return! Written by the legendary Larry Hama with art by Dan Adkins and featuring every living member of the Joe team! Justice League No Justice! For twenty-nine issues, everything has been leading to this moment! Now the League will battle the Legion of Doom across the multiverse where they will encounter new foes and old friends!

Find out what thread connects the historic Marvel Comics 1 from to today!