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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Add an image Luneth. Add an image. Categories :. Cancel Save. Developer's Office - Fourth wall - Moai. Erutan - Piano Squall. Dead Fantasy. The Spoony One. Dion Rogers' Rinoa - Piano Squall. People living inside the tall-walled mansion experienced the challenges and movements of ideology again and again and staged many life shows of joy and sorrow. She has been in China for over 10 years. This book collects essays about her life and work in China and records what she saw, heard, experienced and felt, at the same time, analyzes her unique viewpoints on Chinese culture, communications, education and new ideas.

It can be said to be a true record of the changes of Chinese society in over 10 years. It also has humorous cartoons. This novel makes a comprehensive survey on people's desire and actions for power. ISBN This book tells the life experience of a painter who devotes himself to art and outlines the influence of politics on artists' creation in contemporary China.

It reflects the reality of modern China from multiply angles. Wu Guanzhong's proses and essays on art in recent years. It has altogether 90 essays which mainly record his true feelings of fine art creation, as well as the relationship between life and creation and some observations and thinking of daily life. ISBN This book does a thorough research on the Dunhuang Tantrism documents, with emphasis on Bodhisattva worship, rituals, water-and-land service and other ideologies.

At the same time, it uncovers the influence Tantrism music, painting and mystery had on Chinese literature by analyzing individual cases. Hardcover; pages; two volumes. It has been widely popular ever since it was first published. The author made a fanciful story that He Yufeng went to town to revenge her father.

She got to know An Ji and Zhang Jinfeng accidentally and acted as a matchmaker for them. Later, He Yufeng herself also married An Ji.

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It discloses the weaknesses of traditional Chinese culture through the contrast of Chinese and English cultures and examines the backwardness of old China and people's ignorance in a humorous and sad tone. ISBN This book was finished between the Song and Yuan dynasties, which is a comparatively early collection of classified poems of the Tang and Song dynasties.

It preserves a great number of poems that can't be found in other poem collections compiled by people in the Tang and Song dynasties, thus it has a high documentary value. A big shot in Linqiong Zhuo Wangsun has a daughter named Zhuo Wenjun who is very pretty and talented, but her husband died. Once at a banquet, she heard Sima Xiangru play zither and fell in love with him, so she went to meet Sima Xiangru at night.

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Zhuo Wangsun was furious when he knew it and refused to allow his daughter to marry Sima Xiangru. Zhuo Wenjun opened a liquor store in Linqiong to embarrass her father. Zhuo Wangsun had to give in. He gave his daughter a lot of money and ordered them to leave Linqiong. They settled down at Chengdu.

Later, Sima Xiangru was appreciated and given a high position by Emperor Wudi, and the couple returned home with fame and fortune.

ISBN This is an overall report on China's education system and the status quo of the university entrance examination. It examines the great impact on Chinese people brought about by the system of university entrance examination through the personal experience of students and their parents and various phenomena and problems caused by the system since the university entrance examination was resumed. This work won the National Award for Excellent Reportage and was among the ten best sellers of The whole book consists of eight short stories.

One is in the memory, one is real and the other one is ideal. The language is simple; descriptions about the characters are vivid and true to life; and the psychological descriptions are refined and smooth. The Japanese translation excellently conveys the artistic charm of Hometown.

Over one million villagers living on mountains along the Three Gorges had to give up their home villages that would be drown by the river soon and move to new places because of the construction of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy project. No matter they moved willingly or unwillingly, with joy or sorrow, those common people will always be remembered by history because of their sublime sacrificial spirit. Six volumes; pages; with illustrations. ISBN This is one of the four famous Chinese classics and widely considered as the zenith of the ancient Chinese novels and a treasure of the world's literary heritage.

For the past years, the research on A Dream of Red Mansions and its author Cao Xueqin has become a scientific discipline itself. With the documentary writing and a lot of pictures, it reflects the passionate struggling history of the Left-wing Writers Alliance in the s. It contains over poems of more than writers, including the representative works that produced great impact in each revolutionary historical period with their inspiring power.

This masterpiece by Mao Dun is honored to be a "historical record" that reflects the psychological transformation of enlightened educated women in China from the midth century to ISBN This is a great historical novel.

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It mainly depicts the Zhao Qian couple and also gives some description about many people living on the black earth. Based on a true story, it artistically stages the fast-changing situation that lasted half a century. There are limitless miseries and tragic and moving national struggles; deep love for this land and beautiful imagination of the future life; seeking for individuality and discovery of human nature; heart-torturing love and heart-broken hatred; and rich local culture and splendid northern China scenery…All of these constitute a grand scroll of painting.

ISBN By combining the artistic skills of psychology, suspense and fantasy with a fine style of writing, the novel tells a thrilling story about how the female character got rid of confusion and cowardice with the help of her spiritual totem, a strong whale, and started her new mental experience. She carefully chose some common people and composed the most extraordinary stories about them.

This book vividly depicts 23 characters who do the commonest things, brave the difficulties, keep high spirit in low positions, and never get lost or deteriorated in the hardest situations, and finally achieve their goals. ISBN This book describes an urban family's history and development. It displays the human nature in a family story, leaving people to think.

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The works uncover the decline of the traditional Chinese family system and created a best-selling myth in the s. Today they still radiate the imperishable charm of art. ISBN This book is a pragmatic display and theoretical analysis of the new record movement launched by the film circle in China in the past ten years. ISBN Taking a metropolis in southern China as the background and the fate and love stories of three families as the main theme, the novel shows a difficult period of history that the Communist Party established and protected the Republic.

ISBN With the love affairs between the fourth emperor Wan Yan Liang, the fifth emperor Wan Yan Yong of the Jin Dynasty and Wulin Daxiang as the motif and the military, politics, diplomacy and court fights between the Jin and Song dynasties as the background, this long historical novel emphatically portrays a talented, over suspicious, cruel Wan Yan Liang, a capable yet conservative Wan Yan Yong and the smart Wulin Daxiang with a strong character and moral integrity.

It brings readers back to the vast land in northern China over years ago in a beautiful, smooth, poetic language. The story is appealing. ISBN The novel tells the over 20 years' grudge and love between the main characters, the influential persons in the political and business circles in the City of Xihua during the period of Development of China's Western Regions. It is a drama about modern Chinese citizens and faithfully records the mental changes of Chinese people during the transitional period.

ISBN This long fiction reflects the philosophical relationship between cops and criminals: while they are absolutely irreconcilable, they are also interdependent on each other. It tells the story of a coward who killed a person but was set free because of not enough evidence. Later he became more and more audacious, and finally turned into a real criminal. The assistant leader of the criminal police force Su Yan never gave up looking for evidences surrounding the case.

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At the same time, many little-known and thrilling stories happened…. ISBN This novel exquisitely depicts how a group army combated the great flood of It tells that a person went to a Country of Ants and experienced the life of a rich man there. The writing technique is similar to Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.