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Desert Festival

Users can find detailed information about the Nabakalebara Festival of Odisha. Information about this festival, rituals, spiritual activities, etc. You can also find information on how to reach the place, hotels, health facilities, safety, etc. Get detailed information on fairs and festivals celebrated in Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh. Users can find information about the significance of various festivals such as Buddha Purnima Sarnath , Ramleela Ramnagar , Ganga Mahotsav, Mahashivratri, etc.

India's North East is a land of undulating hills and plains with luxuriant green cover and a wide variety or rare and exotic flora and fauna. Get details about various festivals celebrated in Sikkim. Details about celebration days, celebration moods, customs, traditions, mythology of the festival, etc.

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The perfect fusion of heritage of her numerous races has made Assam the home of the most colorful festivals which are passionate, compelling and mesmerizing reflecting the true spirit, tradition and lifestyle of the people of Assam. Get information about fairs and festivals celebrated in Kerala. India has seven major faiths. It has a large agricultural population and a rich historical background. The festivities are marked by folk dances and music played on a variety of local instruments. All festivals have their own spectacle, with important characteristics.

There are religious festivals, cattle fairs and festivals to welcome the seasons of the year. The Pushkar fair, one of the largest and most colorful cattle fairs of the world. In a huge ground, they arrange a market of domesticated animals; Cattle, Horses, Camels, etc. Evenings are filled with music and dance. In the evening as the sun goes down, a joyous atmosphere is created by folk musicians, whose voices echo far and wide around the camping grounds. The festival continues deep into the night. Experience one of the most thrilling and colorful festivals, of Holi, with majestic elephants.

This is an exciting experience.

Fairs & Festivals

This is a great occasion for visitors to watch several elephant sports, and also play in this festival of colors. A show is organized with the elephants decorated in their very best.

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  • Playing Holi on these wonderful mammals offers a unique sight during the most colorful of all the festivals. Jaisalmer comes to life during the Desert Festival. The desert city rejoices in the rhythmic dances — Gair, Kalbelia, Chari and terahtal. Fire dancers are the highlights of the festival. This festival is celebrated in the desert to express the culture and tradition of the region. You can find all kinds of cultural activities and attractions in the middle of the desert.

    Fairs & Festivals in India

    Tourists and locals venture into the desert, camp together and enjoy these celebrations. Date : 1 st November to 20 th February Best time to visit is during December, when the attractions will be at prime energy. This is a mesmerizing festival of Northeastern regions of India.

    This is a traditional cultural celebration enjoyed by the tribes of the state. This festival focuses on celebrating the local life, heritage, food, art works and others. Not all festivals of the country are related to culture and religion. India also celebrates adventure activities. The best example is Hot air balloon festival. This festival takes place in numerous states.

    Teachers' Day

    In December, the festival is enjoyed in a grand manner in Karnataka , South India. This festival is all about flying above the land, in a large colorful hot air balloon. If you are into photography , do not forget your DSLR. Date: Entire month of December. Choose to visit during weekdays to avoid huge crowd. What is too much color? Well you will understand it in this festival. This is a regional festival of Kerala , which is celebrated with color, grandeur and culture. The main element of this festival is the dance.

    The dancers coat themselves in paint from head to toe to represent mythological characters. For instance, green color is used by dances who represent God and red is for demon and so on.

    Fairs and Festivals | India Festival Tours

    Moreover, the facial expressions of the dancers are top-notch element of the dance. This dance is called Theyyam, a traditional dance form of Kerala. Do not confuse it with the Theyyam festival of Kerala. This is an annual feast, during which the mummified body of Francis Xavier is kept in display inside the Basilica in Goa. He was one of the Christian missionaries who came to India for spreading the religion. If you take part in the mass, you can learn many interesting anecdotes related to the saint.

    This festival marks the anniversary of his burial and, a large feast and a fair are conducted. Do you wish to cover the feast during your Goa vacation?

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    • Make it easier by choosing one of the exclusive holiday packages covering Goa from Travelogy India. No, this is nothing to do with science or academic activities. This is a talent festival of the Rajasthan. This camping festival takes place for three days and it is open for all budding artists to stage their performances. You can find musical gigs, workshops, buffet, adventure sports and others.

      Fairs and Festival Tourism in India

      Place of Celebration: Alsisar Mahal venue changes every year. This is a cultural festival of Southern India. This festival is all about music and dance performances. You can find performances by renowned artists and by budding talents. You can also find a few drama performances, speeches by top artists and much more. You can find almost all cine music and dance performers in this festival.

      Are you looking to cover the temples of the state to enjoy the festival?