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The following is a combination of their knowledge and my own personal experience. Fortunately for me, boxing was my catalyst to seeking healthy food. I was born with fast metabolism and stayed skinny my whole life. You must eat well to perform well and it was then that I realized the true value of good nutrition.

I blame recent technology and modern society for creating busier lives and contributing to poor eating habits. It is more convenient, socially and personally rewarding to eat crap as we maintain busier lifestyles in school, work, or training. Time-crunched days often lead to frequent periods of starvation and over-eating.

Proper dieting has become quite the mystery over the years. Despite those advantages, many individuals that have tried to eat healthy are met with conflicting information and demoralizing results. The way I see it, successful marketing has been repackaging the same facts about proper dieting over and over again to be resold to the poorly-informed and overly self-conscious public.

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At worst, these diets restrict your food intake to ridiculously small amounts. These crazy diets work for a little while, until your body suffers from starvation or deficiencies in essential nutrients.

At best, these diets are simply a new name for a good old fashion healthy diet! The secret to eating right has more to do with common sense than all the science in the world! As a fighter, eating properly increases your performance, decreases your recovery time, while maintaining a lean and sexy body weight.

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Boxers need more nutrients than the average person to workout, develop and repair the body. The boxing diet varies from a normal diet in that you have to center your diets around your workouts. You need nutrients to fuel the intense workout and begin recovery right after. The boxer has to eat more, without over-eating! Our 1 problem is figuring out when to eat.


Most people know what to eat. The 1 diet problem Not eating when the body needs food, and then over-eating when finally eating. One of the biggest diet mistakes is waiting too long in between meals. If you wait till your stomach is grumbling, your body is already starving decreased energy and recovery rate. Extreme hunger is usually countered with the next diet mistake, over-eating, which increases fat storage. One mistake usually leads to the other, putting your body in a vicious cycle of starvation decreased metabolism followed by periods of over-eating fat gain.

Your biggest meals are in the mornings and the one before your workout. Smaller meals keep you satisfied without putting extra calories into you. Eating 5 to 6 small meals a day is the best advice I can give and it really works. Boxers looking to make weight follow this religiously. If there is anything you learn from reading this guide, let it be this one:. Start eating before you get too hungry. Stop eating before you get too full. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Once you have a full breakfast, you can make it through the rest of the day on smaller meals to avoid getting hungry. This leaves you hungry and sends your body into starvation mode decreasing metabolism , making it stingy for energy and storing everything you eat as fat. You You need to have energy to start your day; you need to eat good breakfast.

First off, running on a full stomach is a terrible idea. Secondly, running on an empty stomach helps you lose weight because your body will be burning off stored fat instead of the food you ate that day. Aside from breakfast, the workout meal is the second and only other big meal on your training day.

It has to fuel your intense workout without going overboard and storing fat. You should eat 2 hours before the workout. The workout meal should be big enough to sustain your whole workout. Meat usually takes 4 hours to digest completely. This might slow you down or give you cramps. If you need, have a SMALL snack before or after the workout, followed by a recovery meal when you get home. A boxer needs only 2 big meals a day at most; One for breakfast and another 2 hours before training. NOTE: if your workout comes early in the day, it is possible to have just one big meal.

You would use the same big meal as your breakfast and pre-workout meal. Eating before sleeping is one of the easiest ways to get fat. Your biggest meals like breakfast and before workout come earlier so that you have all day to burn off the calories. Basically, you need everything.

Eating a wide variety of foods is key to proper functioning, growth, repair, and maintenance of your body. Deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances in diet will lead to reduced physical performance, illness, and many other negative impacts on health. Water is the most vital substance in your body; you need water to live. From an athletic standpoint, you need water to replace fluids lost through sweating. You must drink water all the time.

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There is no substitute for water, not even Powerade. I recommend serious boxers to drink gallons of water per day, spread out into 1 cup every hour, starting with one right when you wake up and ending with one right before you go to bed. Anytime that I drank any less, I got tired faster or felt weak during intense training.

Keeping drinking water until your urine is clear or light yellow. Hydrate long before your workouts. Drinking too much water during the workout may give you cramps or make you feel like throwing up when the training gets too intense. Water also helps you lose weight.

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Your liver is the organ responsible for metabolizing fat. So drinking enough water reserves the liver to break down as much fat as possible. Carbohydrates provide your body with its most preferred form of energy. Consuming too many carbs, on the other hand, will increase your body fat.

Starchy foods like breads and pasta will provide a high number of carbs whereas hard foods like vegetables and fruits provide a lower number of carbs. The key difference between good carbs and bad carbs is how they affect your blood sugar levels. The glycemic index is a chart ranking all carbohydrate foods according to their effect on our blood sugar levels.

Simple carbs bad carbs are considered high glycemic carbs because they cause large fluctuations in blood glucose. Complex carbs good carbs are considered low glycemic carbs because they produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels. High GI carbs bad carbs , are simple carbs like candy, that break down too quickly flooding your blood with too much sugar. The sugar high forces your body to regulate the blood sugar level by releasing high amounts of insulin into your blood. If you do go to sleep, your body will store the unused sugar as fat.

Regularly consuming too much carbs sugar at once increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes over the long run.

If you do eat too much in one meal, walk around and exercise to use up that sugar before it affects your blood glucose or gets converted into fat. Low GI carbs good carbs , are complex carbs that take longer to breakdown thereby providing constant energy throughout the day. They keep you energized and reduce hunger without spiking your blood sugar levels. Follow the glycemic index chart and do your best to eat carb foods that rank low on the glycemic index.

Try to get more of your carbs from fruits and vegetables. Protein is needed to build and repair muscles, cells, and tissues.